League Of Lifting
2017 League of Legends diagram for mastery points system (Ferocity tree)


Ferocity is what pushes us forward into battle. It is the collection of attributes that fuel the aggression we need to survive. To do the most damage in the gym you need the Fervor of Battle, feel the Deathfire Touch your muscles, and taste the Warlord’s Bloodlust!

Point accumulation diagram from Riot Games 2017 League of Legends mastery point system


Cunning is a skill set that will allow you to meet your end goal no matter what obstacles come before you. It is The Windspeaker’s Blessing that will support you. The Stormraider’s Surge that will course through you. The Thunderlord’s Decree that will strike down those who stand in your way. 


Resolve will be key to your success in personal fitness, as you will need to be determined to succeed. The Grasp of the Undying will help you sustain and the Courage of the Colossus will get you through the tough times. Having a gym partner with whom you share a Bond of Stone will be a great asset to your ability to keep moving forward. 

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