Udyr Cardio

Bear Stance: HIIT

"Do not deny your instincts, summoner." Udyr encourages Summoners to engage in High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). Cardio conditioning training is critical to an athletic lifestyle. HIIT is a variation cardio, a popular segment of the fitness sector that focuses on burning fat fast. By performing a HIIT routine you can shred through those extra pounds like Tiger Stance Udyr. 

Does the idea of running, biking, or rowing for long periods time not interest you, WORRY NOT! HITT focuses on utilizing bursts of energy at high levels of intensity over short intervals of time. Meaning, you wont be taking any 10 KM runs for this plan to work. The following two routines will outline two different variations on HITT that you can try. 

Phoenix Stance

The Phoenix Stance workout routine that uses non-traditional cardio exercises. As a result make a more challenging and exciting exercises. Perform 3 to 4 rounds of the following circuit. Rest 2 minutes between each round.

Sled Push10yds
Kettlebell Front Swing10-15
Sled Pull10yds
Box Jump10-15
Push Up10-15
Hanging Leg Raise10-15

Turtle Stance

Afraid to come out of your shell? The Turtle Stance routine is a great at-home workout to burn through fat. This routine doesn't require a gym membership or any special equipment. Body weight training builds real-world strength and muscle allowing you to manipulate your body in such a way that weights and machines can’t. Perform 3 to 5 rounds of 10 to 15 reps of the following circuit. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Push Up10-15
Floor Crunch10-15
Squat Jump10-15
Bicycle Crunch10-15
Mountain Climber10-15
Reverse or Walking Lunge10-15
Short Distance Sprint20yds