Lee Sin’s Cross-Fit

Dragon's Rage

Lee Sin taunts the large brutes of Runeterra,"Force is meaningless without skill." The key to his strength comes from the precision in his movements. Swiftly maneuvering across Summoners Rift, Lee Sin strikes are infamous. The principals of Cross-Fit had a resonating strike with the blind monk. Cross-Fit will push your body to amazing lengths. Lee Sin believes that to engage in Cross-Fit requires discipline of both body and mind.

To get a better idea of what Cross-Fit will look like, watch the following video. 



Iron Will: Cross-Fit

Iron Will is Lee Sin's safegaurd into Cross-Fit. For this program exercises should be performed explosively. Explosive movements promote the development of strength and power, but prevents overtraining. This program has been modified to be less intense than traditional Cross-Fit training programs.  For Summoners to stick with the workouts Lee Sin has refined his own workout routine to a beginner level. 

This Cross-Fit program uses a limited number of exercises. In order to focus on skill development individual exercises are practiced more often. Exercises are broken into sets and reps to promote better technique and reduce the risk of injury compared to programs that use high volume workouts to failure. Lee Sin's Iron Will should be performed as follows.


1. Squats551 min
2. Burpees41030-60 sec
3. Hang Snatch452 mins
4. Stationary Bike4-630sec at 100% effort2 min


1. Push Press551 min
2. Overhead Rock or Shot Put Throw11030-60 secs
3. Kettlebell Swings4201 min
4. Track Sprints4200mwalk 200m between sets


1. Bench Press551 min
2. Bunny hops41030-60 secs
3. Kettlebell Snatch41030-60 secs
4. ARC or Elliptical61 min at 100%effort2 min