League of Legends Artwork for Braum's base skin with a tagline that says Our Mission

Our Mission:

League of Lifting is dedicated to helping Summoners achieve a healthy active lifestyle. We believe that by merging thematic influences from League of Legends into our workout routines it will inspire Summoners to achieve their goals. Who doesn't want to be like Darius or Garen IRL? 

 Bro, Do You Even Rift?


How We Manage This Mission

We structure our fundamental routines into three main categories of popular fitness; strength training, cross-fit, and cardio.

  • Strength training focuses on an introduction to natural bodybuilding for Summoners who have never done weight training before.
  • Cross-Fit is a branded fitness regiment that has taken the fitness industry by storm since the year 2000. It focuses on the combination of aesthetic and athletic. This is ideal for our Summoners who love assassins and would like train like Talon would!
  • Finally, do you just wanna go fast? Focus on mobility, racing around life like Rammus with Moby boots? Then cardio is going to be for you. Cardio has some subsections that we discuss more in depth here.

Nutrition is also important to reaching your fitness goals. As such, we outline the basics of Bulking and Cutting here. We also frequently post fun recipes complied from the best chef's in Runeterra. 

Pool Party Graves image from Riot Games League of Legends

We Make Our Mission Meet Your Needs

Whether you want a Pool Party body, or to be as large as the Battle Cattle, League of Lifting is here to help. We have the tools to customize our routines and diet plans to meet your needs. We know that adopting an athletic lifestyle can be a difficult transition through personal experience. Be aware; there is a lot of misleading information in the fitness industry. So, we want to do everything we can to help you get your hands on the right information as early as possible to optimize your success. Ask questions, learn from our mistakes, and always keep the following in mind.

Your fitness is a personal journey, there is no one-size fits all solution.

So make it your own!