Notable Lifters

An "Balls" Le

Balls is a well-established member of the League of Legends community and avid lifter. He is most notable for his role as Cloud 9's Top Laner since 2013. Although recently Balls has stepped back from the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) limelight and joined Cloud 9's Challenger Series team. Balls is still integral to the organization and an avid member of the community. On top of being an LCS superstar, Balls has always been an advocate for gamer fitness. He strongly believes that a healthy lifestyle leads to better in game performance, providing him with clarity of mind and agile reflexes that give him an edge over his competitors. See more about Balls views on merging League of Legends and fitness in the video below. 


Tyler1 is streamer/YouTuber who is best known for being The Most Toxic Reformed Player on the North American League of Legends servers. He has 22 confirmed permanently banned accounts, and is the self-proclaimed #1 Draven player in the world. Tyler1 is also known for his interest in strength training. He is consistently using it as a key differentiator between himself and other League of Legends streamers/YouTuber. He has a segment on his YouTube titled Chef Tyler for those interested in an eccentric take on meal preparation. Finally, Tyler1 also promotes his own branded line of merchandise that includes tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, and shaker cups!

Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana

Arguably the most renowned man in the League of Legends community. Qtpie is a retired North American LCS player who now makes a living as a full time streamer. Although QT is not an avid lifter by any means, he does own both a set of adjustable dumbbells (as showcased to the left).  He also has a treadmill which he claims “maybe one day I’ll use this thing, probably not though,” in his house tour video on YouTube. Well QT, we here at League of Lifting really hope you do.