Braum’s Strength Training


"If at first you don't succeed, please, tell me what it is like." this is what you can expect when you train with Braum. The Heart of the Freljord is compassionate but strict coach. He firmly believes discipline is the key to progress in strength training. 

Strength Training is a method of building muscle and strength by gradually increasing your ability overcome resistance. This can be achieved three ways. Through the use of free weights, machines, or body weight workouts. Sessions are designed to continually increase the resistance applied to grow the muscles. Resistance will increase by means of use of heavier weight or increase of repetitions. 


Concussive Blows: Novice Strength Training

Braum's Concussive Blows is a hard hitting workout program meant to push you to your limits. Incorporating two compound movements in each workout to maximize your time in the gym. Braum want's Summoners to be as strong as they can be without having to leave the Rift for long. With Concussive Blows you will work on an alternating workout schedule. I.e. Workout A - Rest day - Workout B - Rest day - Repeat. The workouts are structured as follows.

Workout A
Novice Program
Bench Press55
Bent Over Row55
Barbell Shrugs38
Tricep Extensions38
Straight Bar or Incline Curls38
Hyperextensions with plate210
Cable Crunches310
Workout B
Novice Program
Standing Press55
Bent Over Row (10% lighter than Workout A)55
Close Grip Bench Press38
Straight Bar or Incline Curls38
Cable Crunches310

Winter's Bite: Hypertrophy-Specific Training

Winter's Bite is a Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) program that Braum developed for Summoners who are mainly looking to grow their muscles. HST involves performing higher amounts of repetitions (reps) at lower weight resistance in order to induce hypertrophy which basically means muscle growth. Winter's Bite is a beginner's HST routine, when executing the movements focus on performing with perfect form. Many first time lifters try to get away with "good enough" form in order to see results more immediately. This leads to injuries and under-performance in time. 

Day 1
Upper Power
Barbell Bench Press3-43-5
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press3-46-10
Bent Over Row3-43-5
Lat Pull Down3-46-10
Overhead Press2-35-8
Barbell Curl2-36-10
Day 2
Lower Power
Leg Press3-510-15
Leg Curl3-46-10
Calf Exercise46-10
Day 5
Lower Hypertrophy
Front Squat3-48-12
Barbell Lunge3-48-12
Leg Extension3-410-15
Leg Curl3-410-15
Seated Calf Raise3-48-12
Calf Press3-48-12